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Needs Assesment Survey (NAS)
In 2020, CAMERA conducted a comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey (NAS) across Sub-Saharan Africa, engaging 157 clinicians and scientists. The NAS, comprising a 68-question questionnaire, aimed to:
1. Identify and comprehend challenges in MRI availability, use, and expertise in Africa.
2. Assess gaps in training for qualified personnel in MRI research and clinical practice.
3. Develop educational programs to bridge training gaps.
4. Establish a network of MRI experts and users in Africa for collaboration.
5. Inform vendor partners on supporting MRI needs in Africa.

Key findings revealed that, on average, there were less than one MRI scanner per million people, with 39% being obsolete low-field systems still in use. Although there was a rise in 1.5 T scanners, they were underutilized. Africa and low- to middle-income countries (LMICs) continue to be significantly underrepresented in global research publications, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced infrastructure.

For more details, explore our article "A Framework for Advancing Sustainable Magnetic Resonance Imaging Access in Africa."

If you wish to participate in the survey or utilize it for your research, kindly visit our NAS GitHub page.

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