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Own Your Future Mentorship

Own Your Future Mentorship Program

The Own Your Future Mentorship (OYFM) Program is designed to equip young African imaging personnel with the tools to accelerate their professional development to own, direct, and advance their future career in imaging. OYFM is in partnership with the Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) Lagos Chapter, and Accuread Radiology, and was developed following a stakeholder consultation meeting with a team of Nigerian Radiologists and radiology residents at the 2022 ARIN Annual General Meeting, in Lagos, Nigeria. 

OYFM will develop key talent in imaging through career development, education and training, active engagement, and networking opportunities. The program is open to radiology residents, fellows, and medical imaging physics and biomedical engineering trainees who directly work on radiology applications. 
The Goals of and objectives of OYFM are to:
  1. create imaging leaders and champions in Africa
  2. strengthen and streamline the career path of local imaging professionals​
  3. develop motivating and need-specific imaging ideas together
  4. build a sustainable training and skills development plan in diagnostic  imaging 
  5. create a network of national and international collaborators and experts
  6. support and strengthen personal development 

Structure of the program
The program has two aspects, mentoring and training. Each aspect will provide Mentees with training in clinical best practice, imaging physics and entrepreneurship. This will be complemented by training in professional development skills such as scientific writing, presentation skills, grant writing, business plan, leadership, and many more.

The Mentoring Program has two arms – a conventional mentor-mentee and a peer-to-peer mentorship opportunity. A summary is shown below: 

ARIN 2022 Annual General Meeting, October 2022, Lagos, Nigeria 

The Training Program is structured to provide a monthly virtual seminar run by OYFM to cover topics on clinical practice, imaging physics and entrepreneurship, focused on translating knowledge to inform local practices. This seminar will be supplemented by learning opportunities from other resources (imaging societies, universities, etc. rounds and conferences). 

OYFM Monthly Virtual Seminar Format

  • 1.5 hours. Dates and time are selected by the speaker.

  • Alternates between clinical, imaging physics and entrepreneurial topics:

    • 30-minute didactic overview 

    • 30-minute case series review

    • 30-minute tutorial (poll Q&A to test attendees' understanding) and wrap up with usual cases to drive home the point. 

  • Regular seminar evaluations to continuously assess impact and areas of improvement. 

OYFM 2024

The Mentorship Matching pilot is set to launch in 2024. This initiative will facilitate monthly meetings between experienced imaging professionals from around the globe and young professionals in Africa. Participants will be matched based on their shared interests and fields of expertise. The program will also feature a peer-to-peer mentorship track, providing opportunities for individuals with similar experience levels to connect and exchange insights.

If you're interested in joining this year's Mentorship Program, be sure to indicate your interest below.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 16.19.11.png

We express our gratitude to the members of the OYFM committee, Dr. Chinedum Anosike (Warrington-Halton NHS, UK), Dr. Raymond Abiodun Kuti (Prisms Health Care, Nigeria), Dr. Eva Peper (University of Bern, Switzerland), Dr. Adaobi Emegoakor (Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nigeria), and Marina Fernandez Garcia (CAMERA), for their work and dedication.
Stay connected on twitter and linkedln for upcoming monthly seminars and view past seminars on our YouTube channel. We love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, feedback or just say hello. 
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