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SWiM Program

Scan With Me (SWiM) is our hybrid training program designed to advance the skill sets of MR imaging technologists practicing in imaging centers in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. SWiM implements RAD-AID’s Teach-Try-Use strategy, applied in CAMERA’s SPARK AI training program, to rapidly provide MR image acquisition competences in resource-limited settings. In keeping with CAMERA’s training model, SWiM uses a combination of case-based and hands-on learning approaches to train a team of technologists who will work together as a network to grow their skills and collectively train others. 



The first SWiM Program ran from August to October 2023 and focused on cardiac MRI (CMR) to address the high burden of cardiac disease in LMICs and the limited cardiac diagnostic imaging capacity in the region. This first program was a collaboration with the Courtis CMR Research Group at the Division of Cardiology, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Siemens HealthineersCircle Cardiovascular imaging Inc., Accuread Radiology Nigeria LTD, and EuraCare Multi-Specialist Hospital, Nigeria and supported by the McGill University Doctoral Internship Program and Global Mobility Awards. 


The pilot SWiM Program included 60 hours of focused CMR training with insightful seminars, live vendor demos, hands on applications on CMR safety, image acquisition, artifact detection, and analysis. The curriculum, training materials and optimized CMR protocols developed by the MR technologists for imaging in resource limited settings are available on our online repository page.
Visit the program event page for more information and upcoming SWiM programs.
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