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While the problems of MRI accessibility are vast and multidimensional, we aim to address the 4 crucial challenges: access and availability, personnel training and education, research capacity and sustainable MRI technology, using a four-prong approach within our framework, to create an unbroken chain of resources and expertise that will enable Africa to use MRI to realize their healthcare needs.

Anazodo UC et al., 2022, MEDRXIV/2022/274588


We understand that in Africa, training builds on access to technology, and research excellence depends on high-capacity personnel and sustainability is required for Africa to thrive in relevant MRI research translation and clinical application. We are working to effect our vision through dedicated efforts of 5 Taskforces. These taskforces consist of volunteer CAMERA members with expertise in MRI and passion for enabling MRI use in Africa. To join a taskforce, please see details on how to get involved.

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