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Get involved

CAMERA invites volunteers to join us in our mission to democratize MRI and shape the future of the MRI community. If you're passionate about MRI and want to contribute to meaningful projects, we have various opportunities based on your academic background and experience.

Mentorship Program (OYFM)

Become a mentor or seminar speaker for our Own Your Future Mentorship Program 2024. We're seeking mentors at all career stages to support the development of African imaging professionals. This one-year project involves regular meetings between mentors and mentees. We're looking for international MRI professionals, including: physics and biomedical engineering trainees (PhDs, postdocs), radiology residents, radiographers, MRI technologists or university professors. 

Contributing Content

If you have educational content that could benefit CAMERA's training initiatives (literature, videos, simulators, software access, AI models, MR sequences, etc.), help us expand our GitHub repositories to provide valuable content for everyone seeking to enhance their imaging skills.

Moreover, if you have educational content or depersonalized data suitable for our Aperture case series, consider joining the Aperture community. This platform facilitates regular discussions on radiography cases specific to LMICs, fostering collaborative learning.

Collaborate with CAMERA

If you're aware of projects or grants aligned with CAMERA's goals, reach out. We're open to collaboration and can assist with grant applications.

Become a trainer

If you have experience in AI, MR imaging, or previous training involvement, consider joining our training programs, like SWiM and SPARK. The upcoming 2024 SWiM program will concentrate on ASL imaging and is actively seeking volunteers with expertise in this area. For SPARK, we encourage individuals with AI experience or participation in the BraTS challenge to contribute as trainers or seminar speakers.

Career and Research Opportunities

If you have an available position that may be of interest to professionals in radiology, physics, computer science, engineering, radiography, and clinical fields in LMICs, kindly provide the details here (provide link to form) to ensure visibility to eligible candidates.

Spotlight Podcast

The Spotlight podcast features conversations with African/LMIC imaging researchers - taking you inside their personal stories of how they are making an impact in medical imaging and able to do a lot with little. If you or someone you know have story to share or simply want to connect with us, contact us here.

To get involved or learn more, contact us. Your contribution can make a significant impact on medical imaging worldwide!

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